The world’s first battery driven full HD mobile digital signage.

Why (to) WAYO?

WAYO converts your (online) brand awareness to (offline) visiting your shop, restaurant, …

With WAYO, the attraction of video makes the difference with analogue sidewalk signs

WAYO increases your sales and reduces your costs (proof of concept available)

You can move WAYO easily where the action is

Rent-a-WAYO: perfect business concept for fairs, seminars, events, … (e.g. €160/3 days in Belgium)

Battery Driven Mobile Digital Signage

WAYO is your solution for wireless digital, attractive and crystal clear communication,

WAYO has been designed for easy setup. The display’s sturdy steel frame ensures it does not move or tip when in place, while the ergonomic design and large puncture-resistant wheels make transporting and storing the display a breeze. The powerful battery pack has a runtime of over 14 hours!

Quality Engineering Built to Last

WAYO is impact and water-resistant. It as been designed to withstand whatever situation you throw them into, whether indoor or outdoor. Even in the rain. It is IP54 rated and has been made for shaded use.


WAYO offers the perfect blend of digital capabilities and ease of use. Simply connect a USB and you are up and running! Watch this animation. WAYO plays JPEG & PNG, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, … in 1920 x1080pixels

WAYO won the Award
‘Best Mobile Digital Signage Solution’
in the UK!

Where to use?

WAYO can ‘serve’ all businesses: hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, fitness centres, fairs, seminars, events, butchers, bakeries, … Indoor, but also outdoor.

Entrances and lobby’s: It can be tempting to place WAYO close to the front door. Make sure that visitors see relevant information, such as signage or an attractive welcome. Make sure, however, that you do not create a bottleneck. A large group of people blocking the door will annoy customers who already know their way around, and may discourage some visitors from using your screens. It’s important to create a good visitor experience because it could be the first time a person in real life comes into contact with your company.

Waiting areas or elevators: To use an elevator, people usually have to wait a while. You also don’t know exactly to which floor people will go. Waiting rooms are perfect to display general information, or to promote your business. This way you can show your new products or show your latest offers.

Exits: Like an entrance, an exit is a transition point, but this time people leave your facility and re-enter the wide world. This is a good place to show things related to the outdoors – transportation information, weather, companies in the neighborhood you’re working with… You can also take the opportunity to thank people for their visit.


WAYO is rain resistant. This video shows the rain test before production.
Our Belgian reseller Nurama made this video-add (Dutch language)
Our French reseller Digilor made this promo video
Our Dutch reseller Blast! installed their own mediaplayer with counting software
To prevent unauthorized movement, WAYO is equipped with easily lockable wheels and
with 2 security rings with which you can attach WAYO to the world with, for example, a bicycle lock.

WAYO Europe

MOBIMA represents Ambler Systems (Australia) in Europe. We have stock and can deliver to any European country within 1 week. Contact MOBIMA in order to know or become a WAYO reseller in your country.

Other WAYO websites

MOBIMA distributes WAYO without any WAYO logo. It can be sold as a ‘private label‘.
Several partners made their own WAYO website. Have a look around:

In France:

In France:

In Germany:

In Germany:

In Sweden:

In the UK:

In the UK:

In Belgium:

In Holland:

In the U.S.A., WAYO is distributed by ClearTouch:


The recommended WAYO price to the end customer is €3600 excluding VAT. For resellers we apply graduated prices with competitive transport rates. Contact us for more details.


  • What kind of display does WAYO have?

    • InnoLux 40” TFT Liquid Crystal Display PID module with LED Backlight unit and 2ch-LVDS interface. This module supports 1920 x 1080 Full HDTV format and can display 16.7M colors (8-bit).
    • High brightness 480 nits: WAYO has been designed for shaded and indoor use
    • High contrast ratio 4800:1
    • Fast response time Gray to gray average 9.5 ms
    • High color saturation NTSC 72%
    • Full HDTV (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, true HDTV format
    • DE (Data Enable) only mode
    • LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interface
    • Optimized response time for 50Hz/60Hz frame rate
    • Ultra wide viewing angle : Super MVA technology
    • Viewing Angle : 178(H)/178(V) (CR ³ 10) VA Technology
  • Which mediaplayer comes with WAYO?

    • WAYO is supplied with a 1080P NAND FLASH Media Player
      • A9 mononuclear CPU, 1G frequency
      • 256M DDR3 1600M memory
      • Auto play, Loop play 
      • 7.3GB storage
  • Can we fit our own mediaplayer?

    • Yes, you can! Any player with max sizes 150mm x 170mm x 40mm fits
    • WAYO battery supplies 12V with a mini jack
    • A standard HDMI is available
  • How to manage content online?

    • If your own mediaplayer supports WiFi, you can manage content online
    • You can even fit a 4G dongle!
  • What’s the runtime of the battery?

    • The onboard battery delivers up to 14 hours of charge at a time, or you can plug it in for worry-free continuous use.
    • WAYO battery has a full charge in less than 5 hours. 1 hour charging = 3 hours runtime.
  • WAYO doesn’t start. What did I do wrong?

    • Probably the main power switch is turned off. Please check behind the left wheel when watching from the back. Switch to ‘ON’. Problem solved!
  • The uploaded video or picture doesn’t appear

    • The filename cannot be longer than 45 characters. Shorten the filename: Problem solved!
  • Can I change the standard showtime/image?

    • Of course. Behind the technical cover on the back of WAYO, you can find a remote control. Fit a CR2032 cell battery and point the remote control to the player while the technical cover is removed. Push ‘menu’ and watch the screen while changing. You can download a manual in the ‘Documents’ section on this website.


WAYO Image Bank. Feel free to download.